BV GroundbreakersLocal Food - Know It, Sow It, Grow It, Eat It!

Welcome to BV Groundbreakers

Groundbreakers Agriculture Association is a non-profit charitable organization focused on local food and gardening education. We believe in building strong, healthy communities through supporting the Bulkley Valley local food economy and teaching citizens, young and old, about the benefits of local food and how to grown their own.

Local Food - Know It, Sow It, Grow It, Eat It!


Groundbreakers Wild

This is Groundbreakers' newest educational program that is growing in popularity. It combines outdoor and place based learning using local wild food as the focus for cultural and ecosystem experiential learning. Groundbreakers Facilitators bring K-7 classes out to local forests to teach about wild plants and foods through sensory exploration. In the outdoors students learn to identify plants, forage, prepare, cook and eat foods from our wild spaces.

Youth on Farms

Through Canada Summer Jobs employment programs, Groundbreakers is able to offer agricultural training to students and paid work at a variety of local farms in the Bulkley Valley.

Kids Dig Food Camp

This is a program that literally allows kids to bring food from ground to plate in a fun, creative, and tasty week of gardening, wild craft, farm tours, cooking, and eating!

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