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Delivered to our members on a quarterly basis, our e-newsletter will help you keep a pulse on the local food movement in the Bulkley Valley.  With a Local Food Calendar, a section for Local Food Opportunities, and a feature-length article, there's no better way to stay connected with our neighbourhood.

Spring 2021

Winter 2020/21

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Local Food Curriculum

Groundbreakers has created Northern B.C.'s own teaching tool for food security and gardening activities that will bring local food knowledge and gardening to life. Geared to elementary students, this curriculum based manual details the materials, steps, and objectives of 18 lessons with hands-on activities for both the classroom and outside . 

  Download KIDS DIG FOOD manual


Cookbooks for Kids

Kids Can Cook! Even better with local foods. Check out these RECIPES from Groundbreakers annual KIDS DIG FOOD summer camp that have been field tested and tasted by kids of the Bulkley Valley.

Download 2018 Kids Dig Food Camp Recipe Book

  Download 2019 Kids Dig Food Camp Recipe Book


Local Food Suppliers


Lending Library

Groundbreakers has a collection of tools available for processing and storing food. Contact us to request one of these items.


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