BV GroundbreakersLocal Food - Know It, Sow It, Grow It, Eat It!

Learning Gardens

This is a two-year (2017-2019) program offering regular experiential in-school workshops in the Bulkley Valley School District, specifically to k-7 classes based on Grounbreakers’ northern BC food security and gardening educational kit titled Kids Dig Food: Know it, Sow it, Grow it, Eat it. Thanks to the Investment Agriculture Foundation and their Grow Local Program for financial support, Groundbreakers has been able to expand its long standing gardening and local food workshop program to 3 schools and over 600 students. The Learning Gardens Program brings more local food and local food knowledge directly to elementary students and their families through experiential learning workshops on understanding where our food comes from, getting to know local agriculture and producers, gardening and soil study, and the harvesting and cooking of foods grown in school gardens and by local producers.