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Tool Library

Curious to see what's in our Library? Browse our tool inventory here

The successful operation of the Library depends on Groundbreakers’ Members honouring the tool reservation and lending process outlined below. Following these steps and tool use and care tips will ensure the longevity of the tools, and the Tool Library program.  We all want to provide access to clean and well-functioning tools for a positive food preserving experience.

Tool Reservation Steps:

  1. Have you purchased your Groundbreakers’ Membership this year? Please note that the Good Food Tool Library is only available to current Members. To become a Member please visit the Membership tab on our website.  Annual membership is a minimum $10 donation.
  2. Read the Waiver and the Members’ Agreement & Tool Use Policy documents
  3. Check to see if the tool you're interested in is available by visiting the Good Food Tool Library, and clicking on the tool of interest and here you will see the Reservation Calendar. 
  4. Is the tool you're interested in available?  Great!  Email the Groundbreakers' team with your reservation date request. You may borrow equipment for up to 7 days (except the crock, which has a longer borrow time).
  5. We will respond to you within 3 days to confirm that the tool can be borrowed for the dates you have requested. Then, we'll update the Reservation Calendar on your behalf to show the tool as reserved for the confirmed dates.

Tool Check-Out Steps:

When it's time to pick up your reserved item, go to Out of Hand (3835 First Ave in downtown Smithers) during their operating hours and...

Tool Return Steps:

  1. When your tool due date is up, return the cleaned tool to Out of Hand (3835 First Ave in downtown Smithers) during open hours and...
    • Complete the checkout sheet,
    • Receive your cash or cheque deposit of $40 if the tool is clean and in good working condition
  2. Email the Groundbreakers’ team to confirm the tool has been returned to Out of Hand.
  3. In your email, please provide any feedback or information regarding any issues that need to be addressed with the tool. Your feedback and stories about your food preserving experiences are welcomed and appreciated!

Tool Care:

It must be done by each user! User Guides on use, maintenance, and cleaning are provided in ‘Additional Files’ as a link under the specific tool picture on the Tool Inventory site. Please open and look at these files prior to use.  We are happy to answer any of your questions if you email the Groundbreakers’ team

Thanks to BV Community Foundation for their financial support of this program, to Out of Hand in Smithers B.C. for offering their space for the Depot and assisting us in the handling of our tools, and to MyTurn software for the free hosting of our Tool Inventory on their web based platform for tool sharing. Thanks also to Home Hardware Smithers for contributing to our library's pressure canner.